Our task was to choose a ‘style tribe’ and dedicate our zines to them. I found it really challenging to choose one subculture, as I feel inspired by many of them. Another challenge was to find a subculture that is approachable in my city, Cardiff, as I wanted to interview people who consider themselves to be a part of it. 

Have you ever seen anything so beautiful? | 17 People Who Definitely Invented The Colour Yellowpinterest via: @1800hotlineblingVINTAGEVIRGIN — williamarlon:   Kirbi Bourage for Marlon WilliamA beautiful portrait. Love the palette and the use of hard shadows. Really comes together. (From Prestage Magazine A/W12 ph Jouke Bos)


  • a cultural group within a larger culture, often having beliefs or interests at variance with those of the larger culture. (Oxford Dictionary)
  • the way of life, customs and ideas of a particular group of people within a society that are different from the rest of that society (Cambridge Dictionary)
  • an ethnic, regional, economic, or social group exhibiting characteristic patterns of behavior sufficient to distinguish it from others within an embracing culture or society (Merriam-Webster Dictionary) 

Shampoo - 90s rave fashion #americandeadstock Punks drinking on the roof, punk's not dead Vicky McClure as Lol (‘This is England’)

It’s easy to say that there are some areas that distinguish every subculture:

  • passion
  • interests
  • same ways of expressing themselves (clothing, art, music, slang language)




from now till then and in between (or since I started my veterinary studies)A cute free spirit in an adorable shirt. Oh what we can learn from the little ones of the world.VINTAGEVIRGIN                                                                                                                                                     MoreReady to channel your inner hippie? Face paints are the perfect way to start!... When someone who clearly wasn't a hippy, called you and your friends 'a bunch of hippies', it was said like a racial slur. but it wasn't offensive at all, because that's what we were. ... and then there was punk rock.This was a way of life in 60s and 70s

Heading back to the 1960s, hippie movement is one of the most expanded subcultures in the world. It all started as a youth movement in San Francisco, inspired by European social movements as Bohemians and Eastern spirituality. Hippies’ ethos is a base holding every member together, including harmony with nature, peace of mind and soul, communal living, together with widespread use of recreational drugs. It was one of the first subcultures who initiated spreading their identity and beliefs by slogans, such as “make love not war”.

I feel inspired by hippies, as they are free spirits, wandering around, going on festivals and creating music to chill together, eat together, love together.


Podobny obraz
easy rider, 1969
across the universe, 2007
Miley Cyrus has launched her Happy Hippie Foundation
miley cyrus’ ‘happy hippie foundation’




WeekendT-shirt, tote and jeans. Cool'in WearUO Nylon Ace Bomber Jacket - Urban OutfittersFit Pic a Day - Album on ImgurDeath by Elocutionpinterest// jociiiiiiiiiiii


After the term was first used by trend forecaster group K-Hole and spotlighted by New York Magazine, it wasn’t long before the youth sent Normcore viral via their social medias and accounts. It didn’t take long for clothing brands to spot this movement and to show their new, fresh “Get the Look” pieces. From this ‘one-season’ trend, the whole subculture seemed to have built.

Normcore is to the word “hardcore normal”. White t-shirt, blue jeans, bomber jacket, SuperStar sneakers and a baseball cap to stay simple and invisible. It turned out that there is a whole of a philosophy behind it. Being different that everyone who tries to be different. Be simple, black and white. Don’t be crazy, be normal. Why did world change meaning of normal to be boring?

They want to stay anonymous, posting many pictures of the outfit with cropped head, cause their appearance doesn’t really matter. The internet and social media have partially removed the connection between subcultures and style, birthing a new wave of internet-driven pseudo-subcultures in the process. Normcore is a child of internet revolution. People didn’t have to look for specific clothing in rare obscure shops or personalise them. All they needed to do was to invest in a nice pair of jeans and Adidas hat.


Montreal’s residential neighbourhoods, densely sowed throughout the 20th century, are interspersed with tiny homes, strewn here and there in the urban landscape. When these buildings are left behind and go on sale, they offer architects a new.armband tattoo lines çizgi kol bandı dövmelerioreo and milk. neat photo...Words on denim | Inspiration #style #quoteL'inspiration du mardi : Total Blanc ! et Total Crado au bout d'une semaine !

I was inspired by Normcores not because of their style, but of their attitude and different approach to being a subculture, a netculture. Normcore is definitely something unique and it gave birth to a new generation of style tribes.


polish folk

Zalipie is a village in Poland where all the houses are painted with flowers. I would love to live in a house like that!Poles in traditional dress dance in Market Square, Kraków. PolandPolish Dancers ("Mazowsze") wearing Folk costumes, Kraków, Poland.POLAND 10270399_667863089961226_319675680544006984_n.jpg (670×960)Modern Polish Fashion Design, Inspired by Polish folk fashion- SCARF 0001 Maria Fedro

Folklore is a very important part of Polish culture. It is no surprise that there is a group of people who are crazy about traditional clothing, national dances and mountain-origin songs.

Modern folks are mostly young people who are part of special bands in free translation called ‘the bands of ballade and dance’. They take part in folklore music festivals across the world, meet new people and have lots of fun in the meantime. They are inseparably connected to the culture of their motherland, they respect national symbols, songs and history – this is all their ethos. They are connected to the nature, living in the village, spending time with family and friends.

Even though they don’t wear typical traditional clothing on everyday basis, they love to alternate folk symbols and patterns with ‘classic’ materials and fabrics. The example can be seen above: a black scarf with very distinctive pattern of roses (or different field flowers).


Magda i Wojtek (2). Polish Highlanders, Highland wedding, Tatra Mountains, Poland.

Goralka - a modern twist on traditional polish highlander dress

Miss Polonia in a modern dress inspired by traditional folk, representing Poland in Miss Universe finals, 2013

I am really inspired by Polish folk, as I’m from Poland, but also because of the fact that my closest friend from my hometown is a member of one of the folk bands. I can see how much she loves being in this busy and happy environment. Even though being a part of this subculture is expensive (it takes a lot of energy and life!), she is always ready for their trials, shows and parties. She was the person I initially wanted to have an interview with, as she is right in the middle of Polish folks, but I found it impossible to create a Poland-oriented zine not being even close to its source. I was also trying to find a Polish folk fan club in Cardiff, unfortunately, with no positive result.



☆•° Follow mami candidaesthete on pinterest for more lit pins and snatchurdaddy on snapchat for some poppin snaps☆•°#Mujeres #Inspiracion 8 de marzo #Díadelamujer también con nuestro homenaje en…Feminists working on placards and signs making ready for a Women's Liberation Movement march or demonstration.  Circa 1970.Signs saying "Women Unite" carried by women supporters during "Women's Liberation" demonstration on Fifth Avenue and on Wall Street. New York, 1970.A Woman Is Writing Feminist Messages On Period Pads And Posting Them...

Feminists are a very various and diverse subculture, with many branches and subgroups. This is the reason why I decided to dedicate a separate post for feminism and why I chose one of its modern natures as my zine theme.



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