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a noncommercial often homemade or online publication usually devoted to specialized and often unconventional subject matter (first used in 1965). (Merriam-Webster)

zine  zine4


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Zines’ covers, Pinterest

Starting my research, I wanted to focus on the history of zines, as I found them very alluring and fascinating. As I didn’t know where they came from, I came across some of them that made their mark in the history. That was how I found SNIFFIN’ GLUE.

Even though roots of zines reach the science-fiction of the early twentieth century, they had their renaissance in the 1970s due to the rise of the punk movement. Thanks to easier accessibility to copy machines and home-based printing, zines had their chance to shine a new light.

Punk zines became part of the punk subculture, with their origins in UK and USA, they started to spread to Ireland and further. Zines became an easy and cheap way to express punks’ feelings, protest and mind-hurricane. They let people create something from nothing, without great expenses.

Sniffin Glue, the first punk fanzine, was produced by Mark Perry in July 1976 a few days after seeing US punk band The Ramones for the first time at the Roundhouse in London. He took the title from a Ramones song ‘Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue’.

sniffin glue3  sniffin glue2  sniffin glue

Sniffin’ Glue, 1977

I find Sniffin’ Glue very inspiring, as all the issues showed that the cause is more important than profits and people are artists, even if they don’t realise. This zine is a very important influencer of today’s harsh and raw style of some of zines, magazines and fashion designers.

‘Moda MujerHoy’, October 2012


Millie Bobby Brown for ‘Interview’

Vetements AW17

Haider Ackermann AW17

Zines are very important part of punk culture. They are a massive source of inspiration and knowledge about punks and their lives, style and the anarchy concept. This is the proof of how powerful zines are. They give the freedom of art, creation and, what’s most important, they let next generations to take what is best from it. Inspiration. The key word of what zines give to people. Inspiration to create and shape new, often controversial thoughts.


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