Below other images, of clothes, bands, locations, food, travels, people; that I found inspiring for my zine, especially for my photoshoots.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset 1017ce5d2f73f2e9a3a2b92777f25c83Screen Shot 2017-10-21 at 15.31.08a9376c3e0267ace68d16b0155c87a425 d99d24f30eeef19b7b9a0472597e0c81 Screen Shot 2017-10-21 at 15.35.03Impulse by Eric  "Kala" Forey, via 500px steps stairs stairways red yellow spiral exterior You got food? 100's762c0e11dc1e4ce2fc84083976ec4ece e35d64a711f0479517c3cdd08103f65bleonardo dicaprio as romeo Pinterest @naomiokayyy Clothes apparel style fashion clothing dresses shoes heels, bralets, lingerie IMG_2719998fb38510b29dae8b2a00cfb4791570 IMG_2724Pinterest: piinkdaisy Afresh piece of bubble gum and a package of Kool-aid. .. we invented sweet tarts... it was great being a kid then !primaryit's down at the end of lonely street///I'll be so lonely I could die pink, boy, and girl 이미지Boisterous, vulnerable, sunburnt and hairy we look at masculinity in all its forms in five different photography series.Pinterest | @mbg2019 | ☼ ☾  Mint & Pale Pink Vinyl Mini Skirts 158.6k Followers, 842 Following, 1,514 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from DEVON CARLSON (@devonleecarlson) star-shaped sunglassesCorola Remer. N o  F e a r // i wish there was Something i can take to make me "normal?" Basically i wanna take something that would make me have no fear. Like these people in the bathtub, they aint cringing because their arms are touching eachothers. Man if i get too close to people i notice it and i freak out and thats gonna take a long time to grow out of, but i wish there was some medicine i could take to make me fit in with everyone else.crazy The delightfully-named ‘Wardrobe Snacks’ series is a collaboration between photographer Kelsey McClellan and art director Michelle Maguire, who together form the collective ‘Dusty’. Styled with retro clothing in satisfying palettes, the series features close-ups of hands elegantly holding a range of snacks, from an ice cream cone to an oyster, against carefully chosen clothing color schemes: coffee against cream, a donut against orange. “Wardrobe Snacks was inspired by diners lacking the luxu...GADIR RAJAB — www.7artistmgmt.comPinterest⇝≫skylarmckellar❁ Insta⇝≫sky.mckellar❁ I always follow backfollow @lulu_macleod for more cool pics!! ;) ;)  SONOROUS LOVEpinterest: @astheticprints✌︎☾Anna Ewers & Zuzu Tadeushuk for Alexander Wang, S/S 2014 Campaign Photographed by: Steven Klein glittery cool shotSee this Instagram photo by @selenagomez • 2.1m likes SORELLE FALL WINTER 2016 OFF-WHITE PRE-FΔLL 2016FOLLOW ME ON, did 'fast and furious' predict all of 2017's brightest trends, 15 years ago? Dorothy Wizard Of Oz Ruby Slippers Judy Garland Coming To London - V And A Hollywood Costume Exhibition ( UK)

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