diy zine making

Two weeks ago, we had a great opportunity to take part in a workshop directed by Liam Barrett, an illustration tutor from USW. First, we had a quick introduction for zines, their history and future.


Then, we were shown a nice, creative way to create a zine in not even an hour. Liam showed us how to make a 12-paged zine with one piece of A3 paper.


Then we started to make a structure of the zine.

IMG_4008 IMG_1236 IMG_7649IMG_5365 IMG_3898

We had fashion magazines, pictures and printed content to put into our zines. I was especially looking for pictures in 90s’ editions of Vogue. I found some very inspiring images, and I decided to stick to my colours (red, yellow, white, black and blue).

Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 11.52.09
created with WGSN Colour Play tool

Below in a link a result of my work. I scanned my work when it was spread out.


And here are the pictures of original physical zine.


We’ve also had a very interesting lecture from Tori West, a 24-year-old London-based publisher of Bricks Magazine. She is a great personality, who chose self-publishing instead of mass production (she believes that advertisers really manipulate your output). She told us what it means to have your own publication and freedom of creation. She also gave us some very helpful advice on how to create a zine project in Adobe InDesign. She told us that we need to make a separate document for the cover and a back cover.


Thanks to these lectures, I realised that making zines is a real fun and great experience. I also really enjoyed working on my DIY zine, as although it was quick and under pressure, the effect was unexpected and pleasing. I also understood what way I want to go with my publication.



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