girls’ photoshoot/interview



For my research, I decided to invite four girls and see how they behave as a “girl gang”. I also asked them if they want to take part in a photoshoot and they were more than happy to do that. While getting ready (what is an inseparable part of girls’ gathering), we had a great conversation about Beyonce, being a girl and raising children. I recorded the whole group talk and then made a transcription.

full interview here

I wanted to ask them about their lives, how they understand feminism, if they ever experienced sexism, but also what they’re inspired by and what it means to be a girl. Our interview took place in my room, during make up/hair/styling time. Backstage photos:

IMG_9548 IMG_9561IMG_9580 IMG_9568 IMG_9586 IMG_9590 IMG_0102 IMG_9554IMG_9588

The whole thing was one of the most unbelievable experiences I had in my life. First of all, I had great fun – we laughed and danced the whole photoshoot (especially during getting ready!). But also, I saw how real the empowerment is when babes are together. Especially Viki was a proof that it happens. At the beginning, she was quiet shy, and I was afraid that she’s not gonna feel comfortable in front of me and the camera. During our photoshoot, we could see how confident she becomes. At the end, she pulled her T-shirt up showing her bra. We were all shocked. Girls were shouting her name the whole time, “You go girl! So pretty! Yeeeees!” That’s what you could hear. She was confident, independent and free – that’s what I could say behind my camera.

IMG_0111 IMG_0113



Styling girls, I was obviously inspired by the style of 90s. I also tried to keep my colour palette. I created mood boards to show girls what I meant, as I believe that visuals are the most effective way of creative communication.



photoshoot 2


photoshoot 3

Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 20.28.23
colour palette created by WGSN Colour Play tool

Girls really enjoyed themselves during our photoshoot. They were dancing, singing, laughing and at the end – they didn’t really want to stop! After girls left, I sat down to the computer and tried to decide which photos I should leave. I tried a way of printing off the pictures and trying the method of “mix and match”.

IMG_9300 IMG_3792IMG_2931 IMG_2925 IMG_2929

It was really helpful, as I knew which pictures played better with the others. At the end, I had my favourites.

IMG_0012 IMG_0032IMG_0060 IMG_9673IMG_9851 IMG_9660IMG_9743 IMG_9882IMG_9971 IMG_9970IMG_9979 IMG_9951

Few days after the photoshoot, we had lectures with Danni Reese, a stylist, and I thought that her opinion will be valuable for my project. She really liked the idea and photos, but one thing she told me I should consider is that I can only use 2-3 pictures from this shoot, as the outfits don’t change. I thought about it after class, and decided to reshoot.


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